April 1 (Wednesday) at 9:30 am

Online Class

Class length
1 hour
Add heart-pumping music to your favorite kettlebell moves and you get strength-building fun! Oh, and the class can be modified for your current fitness level. 

This class is limited to a maximum of 4 students, so the feel of it is more like group training. The small class size also allows for extra attention on form and stance to help everyone get the most out of the workout.

THIS IS A STREAMED CLASS - Your zoom meeting link will be emailed to you 5-10 minutes before the start of class and you'll join us on-screen. In order to keep you safe, make sure to have a video-enabled device to use for class. You will see and hear us and we will see and hear you, just like when you're in the room.

What to wear/have?
  • Standard workout attire 
  • Gym shoes (cross trainers are best) 
  • Kettlebells (5, 8 and maybe 10lbs depending on your needs)
  • Yoga mat
There is no other class like it – give it a try!

Sorry - that class has already taken place!